A Daring Flight


This embroidery was one I had a lot of fun with whilst I was making it. The plane in the origional photo was part of an air display, because it was banking and had a smoke machine on it all I could think was that it appeared as if it were making heavy manoeuvres to avoid being shot down. This is why I made the explosive background to make it seem as if the pilot was desperately trying to avoid anti-aircraft artillery. This was also a rather fast one to make as well, once the paint had dried. I have always liked the look of the old WW1 airplanes, you really do have to respect the pilots who were brave enough to speed into war in a technology that wasn't even 20 years old.

More Information

Exhibition: WW1 Centenary August 2014
Commission: No
For sale: Sold
Size: Hight 27cm - Width 32cm - Depth 2cm

Embroidery Number: 7