Albert Ball


This Picture of Albert Ball wasn't the first embroidery I made for the WW1 Centenary exhibition of August 2014. However the photo and story behind it was the inspiration that gave me the idea of making a whole set of WW1 themed embroideries. With this one I wasn't sure as to whether or not I wanted to paint the plane in the background or attempt to sew it. Because I lacked experience at the time I also lacked confidence and when I had finished Albert himself I lost my nerve and thought that by sewing the plane I might end up warping the fabric around the face. Instead I attempted to paint the black area with silk paint which didn't turn out that successfully because if you look carefully you'll be able to see that the paint has bled into the stitching of the face. I was lucky however as the affect it left behind at least could be mistaken for shading and gave his face a somewhat 3D effect. With that done, I decided to sew the engine of the plane anyway and it came out rather well. What this sewing taught me was that even if you are unsure its best to go in with confidence and accept if it fails you start again, if you don't go in confidently you are likely to fail... Lesson learned

Side note, This embroidery was the first embroidery that I filmed to give anyone interested and insight into how my work is done. To find out the process of my average embroideries and to see a few more videos please take a look at the Albert Ball Youtube video.

More Information

Exhibition: WW1 Centenary August 2014
Commission: No
For Sale: Sold
Size: Height 27cm - Width 22cm - Depth 2cm

Embroidery Number: 4