Bird of Prey


The original picture for this Golden Eagle was one I found on the internet right at the beginning of my work doing free machine embroidery. I'm not exactly the most organised person so this was a case of me attempting to clean my room, putting the photo in a drawer and not finding it again for a whole year. When I did eventually find the photo I thought the picture gave the Golden Eagle such a powerful pose that I had to sew it. This is one I'm particularly proud of. If I'm honest I had no idea how I was going to sew the feathers and make them look realistic as I had never done anything like feathers before. But after finishing it I do believe that it turned out rather well. Whilst I didn't film this one I did take a couple of photos along the way.

You can see here the beginning of a layering technique I frequently use to give the impression of depth. Similar to mixing paints I can mix threads to give different colours. Here I used two or more different coloured threads layered on top of each other.

More Information

Exhibition: No
Commission: No
For Sale: Sold
Size Height 29cm - Width 27cm - Depth 4cmM

Embroidery Number: 20