Blue and Grey


When I made this embroidery I was sure that I wanted to attempt to recreate a classic painting from a famous artist. At first I wasn't sure what painting or artist I wanted to try to interpret through embroidery, I looked at the possibility of Da Vinci, Monet and others. There was however a good reason that I decided to attempt the self-portrait by Van Gogh, and that was the brush movement and style. In the original painting the colours of the paint used and the direction and use of the brush make the painting look as if it were running water. I decided to give this painting a go as it was a nice challenge to see how I could work with a sewing machine to create the same level of flowing movement. I am particularly proud of the jacket in this embroidery, here you can see the technique I used to create the effect.

As you can see I started by setting down an outline of deep blue to give the basic shape of the brush strokes, then I began to fill in lighter and lighter threads one after another to create the layered colouring of the original painting.

More Information

Exhibition: No
Commission: No
For Sale: Sold
Size: Height 30cm - Width 28cm - Depth 4cm

Embroidery Number: 22