Bowing Kitten


This embroidery is the fourth and final of the set of cute baby animals I did in the summer of 2016. This also happens to be only the second cat I have done. Because of the amount of time between the two embroideries I decided to go looking for a picture of the first cat I did to compare. The first one was an early commission I did of a local Minehead resident's cat, I did that one long before I chose the name Sewing Loon.

As you can see I have made quite some improvement since 2014. I have changed the material I work on to a sturdier fabric. I have been able to use more colours and create a far more realistic and three dimensional image. I have Improved greatly in the detail of the eyes, and most importantly I have changed from my old sewing machine to the one I currently use a Janome Memory Craft 8200 QC. It is a fantastic machine with a long arm to allow bigger pictures and tons of features for any type of sewing.

More Information

Exhibition: No
Commission: No
For Sale: Yes
Size: Height 19cm - Width 24cm - Depth 2cm

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