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This Embroidery was the first of a set of three Great War propaganda posters that I thought would be an important part of the WW1 Centenary Exhibition of August 2014. This one was to encourage woman to join the many Nursing Corps that served both at home and near the Front Line. The iconography in the poster of the angelic figure in a classical pose reminiscent of the renaissance paintings of saints and angels, would have made the idea of signing up quite appealing to any woman at the time. In the original poster the red cross is fully coloured in red, whilst I liked the original colouring I didn't want the woman in the embroidery to be completely swallowed by the cross. So I made the colour fade out towards the centre of the image, and I painted brown around the edge to give the image an old burnt paper look.

More Information

Exhibition: WW1 Centenary August 2014
Commission: No
For Sale: Yes
Size Hight 29cm - Width 23cm - Depth 2cm

Embroidery Number: 9