Civil Unrest


The Subject of this embroidery is the same as Spark of Rebellion. Originally I couldn't decide which photo of this Ukrainian rioter was better so I thought there was no harm in doing both. When it came the the previous embroidery the thing that interested me about the photo was the silhouette aspect, with this photo it was the deep burning colours reflected in the mask and shield that I wanted to try out. I found something creepy about the eyes of the gas mask which make this figure appear so daunting. But by far my favourite part of this embroidery is the fact that thanks to the flames and the position of the figure is the fact that in this picture it seems that the man is emerging from the fire without a burn, untouched by the flames or violence around him.

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Exhibition: No
Commission: No
For Sale: Sold
Size: Hieght 31cm - Width 42cm - Depth 4cm

Embroidery Number: 13