Curious Pup


The second of the fourth baby animal embroideries, this embroidery took considerably longer than the previous beagle I called Playful Nature. The reason for the amount of time that this one took was due to the issue of "painting" with threads rather than paint. When it comes to paint with a little bit of mixing and care you can end up with a massive range of variance in one colour range. For example with this puppy I needed to do a lot of grey. With paint I could mix white and back in any amount to come up with any grey, with threads however you are really limited to the amount of grey you have, and even then with the limited space you have and amount of thread you can put in said space. This means that when an embroidery is mostly in a single colour scale you must be very careful to not put too much stitching into one area to pucker the fabric, and not too few colours to make the image two dimensional.

One last thing... am I the only one who thinks that these kind of dogs always look like they have no idea what is going on?

More Information

Exhibition: No
Commission: No
For Sale: Yes
Size: Height 24cm - Width 20cm - Depth 2cm

Embroidery number: 24