Duality of Mind


This was the Second Embroidery I made for the August 2014 WW1 Centenary remembrance exhibition. Before this one I had made one named Remeberance in Flanders which much like this one featured a WW1 soldier from the chest up. The difference being that the previous one was surrounded by poppies. It was given to Janome as thanks for their help in my start up as a textile artist. This one was one of my early favourites as this was the first time I had experimented with a background that had meaning as an imopressionist symbol, rather than simple colour or representing what was in the photo. In this I attempted to show the odd and alarming contrast between the seemingly calm soldier in the image this was based on, and the terror of war that he would soon be subjected to. The explosion in the background darkens the sky and approaches on this artillery soldier like a stampede of death, though he seems completely unawares. Much like the world at the beginning of the Great War, some say that no one was prepared for the mechanised conflict to come.

More Information

Exhibition: WW1 Centenary
Commission: No
For Sale: Yes
Size: Hight 22cm - Width 22cm - Depth 2cm

Embroidery Number: 1