Eye of the Beholder

Hello there, I guess it's time for my first blog post of the website and for this one I thought it would be a good idea to announce my plans for my first exhibition as The Sewing Loon. And the theme of that exhibition will be... drumroll please...

Here is a Picture of the inspiration for this planned exhibition. This is an embroidery I did at the beginning of September and is a close up view of my oldest brother's left eye.

The Exhibition I hope will be some time early next year and will be an exhibition of around thirty individual left or right eyes of people around the Minehead area. The reason for this exhibition is that I find something quite spooky and yet captivating about this subject matter. With the amount of detail in the embroidery it is unmistakable that this is a real human eye and that it seems to follow you around the room. However without the rest of the face it, at least in my opinion, makes the whole thing kind of sinister. I just imagine people walking into a room full of eyes all gazing directly at them.

I can't say when or where this exhibition will take place as I'm only in the first stages of planing and these embroideries take time to make, but as soon as I know, i will update this blog ASAP.

The idea of this began as a simple test of detail, I just wanted to expand an image big enough to see how much detail I was capable of putting into an area without warping the fabric or making a mistake. Up until this point I had done faces and full bodies but never had I gone so close to a single part of the face like this. When I finished my brother's eye I took another Photo of my mum's eye and I thought that once they were finished and placed together they really gave a neat artistic impression. I am now setting up a third eye and will post it when it is completed, but in the meantime expect some more blogs about my previous embroideries and even my first proper commission as the Sewing Loon.

Thank you for reading, this is the Sewing Loon signing off.