Fruits or flowers

Hello there, its the Sewing Loon here. I have finally managed to put up a load of embroideries for the website gallery that I hope you have, or will take a look at during your visit. But now that I've shown you a little of what I've done, what about what I'm going to do?

Well uh...

Not to go into detail but there have been some personal/family issues that are currently going on that have sort of slowed everything down. I was hoping to have finished uploading all of the previous posts much sooner but these things do happen.

Not only that, but my printer decided that now would be a good time to pack in, so I have been on the hunt for a new one which if all goes well should be with me tomorrow. Anyway, once it arrives I should be able to set it up and start the process of the next embroidery within the week, that brings me to what I am going to do next. I have about eight photos in mind which I have taken recently and I am trying to decide which to do first. So far I have whittled it down to just two.

First of the fruits

This picture is inspired by an embroidery that I made not so long ago from a photo I took at a local green grocers of a bunch of tomatoes. It's one of the smaller embroideries that I have made but I haven't skimped out on detail and, moreover, I have decided to take a look at doing a set of nine overall to make a nice set.

Next contender is the flowers

No real backstory to this one. They are just some flowers given to the family by a close family friend and I thought that they looked interesting with the large contrast between the living and the dead.

So hopefully by the end of the week you should find out which one of these I decided to do first.

This is Lewis MacDonald, The Sewing loon, signing off.