A Moment of Peace


The reason I decided to make this embroidery for the WW1 Centenary Exhibition of August 2014 was that I had already done several showing the horror and violence. Therefore I decided that it was about time that I made an embroidery concerning the few moments of peace that the average soldier was gifted with in an otherwise grizzly and terrifying ordeal. In the origional photo we see three soldiers taking a break from the front line to sit down and chat. What I found odd about this photo was that it was rather haunting that these men could be so seemingly happy and smiling as if life is normal when they were in the midst of one of the worst wars known to history. With this one, as I did with A Nightmare in Shell Shock, I decided to make the faces more impressionist than realistic because it adds to the effect of the unknown soldiers, ghosts of the past that hold stories we may never know.

More Information

Exhibition: WW1 Centenary August 2014
Commission: Yes
For Sale: Sold
Size: Hight 26cm - Width 31cm - Depth 4cm

Embroidery Number: 6