On the Town


This embroidery is of my brother. I made this as a gift for him on his birthday. Like the Kitten post before this one, one of the biggest joys I had whilst making this embroidery was comparing it to my earlier embroideries. To see how far I have improved in the time since I began doing this is a great eye opener and I would suggest that any artist who feels like they might be struggling or just don't know where to go, they should take a trip through to their past works.

For example this is the first embroidery I ever did, it is of me and my two brothers when we were a lot younger.

That is some difference huh...?

Anyway the point is that I am very proud of "On the Town" and when I gave it as a gift to my brother he was very thankful. From this experience I am most happy sewing this size embroidery of a face and from the shoulders upwards.

More Information

Exhibition: No
Commission: No
For Sale: Sold
Size: Height 29cm - Width 23cm - Depth 4cm

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