Roman Steel


As someone who has studied ancient history it felt only natural to make an embroidery based upon the ancient world. This one is of a Roman Legionary. I am particularly fond of the Roman Empire when it comes to the cultures of the ancient world. Their empire stretched across the Mediterranean and their culture set the groundwork for many of today's powerful nations. When looking for a picture to sew based on this subject I looked at all sorts of photos until I came across this one. What drew me to the original was the glaring sunlight shining into the Legionary's face. The contrast and shadows caused by this light really gave the photo a dramatic feel. Looking back on this embroidery after some time has convinced me to go looking for some more ancient warriors and battle scenes to create a set of ancient world embroideries.

More Information

Exhibition: No
Commission: No
For Sale: Yes
Size: Height 27cm - Width 29cm - Depth 4cm

Embroidery Number: 21