A Nightmare in Shell Shock

Description of Image


This is the fourth of the embroideries I made for the August 2014 exhibition marking the Centenary of WW1. It features a wounded soldier being held up by a caring nurse in his time of need. I found the original photo on the back of a book called Dorothea's War: A First World War Nurse tell her story. Unlike many of my other embroideries this one came from a rather small image that I copied and enlarged. This meant that I had very little detail to go on, leading me to attempt a more impressionist style for the faces and shading. This however only added to the sincerity of the image as whilst you can clearly see that this is a real soldier who fought in the war, as is often the case, you can never know the name or story behind it. It is this ghostly detachment that led me to paint what I intended as a grim angel of death like impression behind the soldier and contrast it with the warm comforting halo of the nurse. This embroidery for me really summed up the battle of life and hope vs death and fear that plagued the Great War. This embroidery was also featured in the Marshwood Arts Award Exhibiton of 2015 after I won an award in the Fashion and Textiles catagory.

More information

Exhibition: WW1 Centenary August 2014/ Marshwood Arts Award 2015
Commission: No
For sale: Sold
Size: Hight 31cm - Width 27cm - Depth 4cm

Embroidery Number: 3